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I’m running for the At-Large Seat on the Elmbrook School Board because I believe the Board needs to hasten the realignment of its values to coincide with the values of our community.


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Sean & Shauna


Elmbrook School Board At-Large Candidate

Nearly 16 years ago, my wife, a decorated USMC Combat Theater Veteran, and I relocated from Milwaukee to Brookfield when our daughter was born. We wanted her to attend a great school district which was also close to the law firm at which I worked. In asking advice from many other parents, the district most commonly lauded was Elmbrook. In the end, we purchased a modest home in a gorgeous neighborhood behind St. Dominic Parish in Brookfield and have lived there ever since.  


I am the proud Dad of a daughter who started as a Burleigh Viking (yes, we still lament the retirement of Kitty Janas), grew to become a Pilgrim Park Panther, and is now a Brookfield East Spartan. Upon completion of my career in the legal world, I began a new venture in remodeling and home improvement. Working with my stepfather, a General Contractor, I developed a skillset that has allowed me to serve a large number of my fellow Elmbrook residents. I have built a solid reputation in this community by offering creative and cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of remodeling, home improvement, mechanical, audio/visual, and networking issues. 


When I meet new people and am inevitably asked what I do for a living, I always give the same answer. “I solve people’s problems.” If you ask around, I have probably helped someone you know. I would very much like to be a problem-solver for you, as well. Please allow me to do so by electing me to the At-Large seat on the Elmbrook School Board. Every School Board needs a member who excels at creating, proposing, drafting, and implementing common sense solutions to problems that affect the community. I give you my word, I will be that Board member… A Board member working for YOU.

Please vote for me, Sean A. Firmiss, to the AT-LARGE seat. I will help to keep the Board's FOCUS on the BASICS.

Hi, I'm Sean
What I Stand For



“To each according to their need.”

GOAL: Ensure that each Elmbrook student receives the highest quality education possible. 


OBSTACLE: Our School Board is currently facing challenges regarding the status of Fairview South. I believe that Parents of our special needs children should remain free to choose a specialized educational environment for their kids, like Fairview South, which caters to their individual needs.


“We treasure high quality of life.”

GOAL: Protect the financial health of the district and respect the residents’ expectations of responsible spending.


OBSTACLE: The Elmbrook School District has been permitted to spend $129,805,365 during this school year. In the last three years, failure to plan properly has resulted in the Board's approval of BORROWING as much as $6,300,00.00 annually for “cash flow purposes.” (Spoiler: “Cash flow purposes” can easily include PAYROLL).   


“Pass on the means to attain high quality of life to our children.”

GOAL: We must pass our high quality of life to our students through an equally high-quality education. Regardless of where you came from or where you go, students are truly enriched, having received the benefit of the Elmbrook education experience.  

OBSTACLE: Not every student is destined to attend an Ivy League institution upon graduation. The Board must increase and improve opportunities for students who might not feel a traditional 4-year university is a logical next step.



Demand that the Board refocus its actions and resources on the classical education of its students.


Prioritize instructional benefit in all School Board decision making processes.


Fortify the resolve of the board to fulfill its commitment to students and parents, not special interest groups.


Ensure parents are the primary educators of children regarding their moral and societal development.  


My Promises

“I will always...”

  • Receive community feedback by holding weekly, two-hour public listening sessions. If you, or someone you know has an issue needing the attention of a Board member, I am here for YOU. Weekly session locations will be posted via social media.

  • Research upcoming topics independently to supplement information supplied by District Administration. 

  • Close the communication loop and offer transparent accountability. To listen and respond to all inquiries from students, teachers, parents, and community members. Share what assistance I can (or cannot) provide, and when necessary, offer guidance toward District resources which might be of use.

  • Inspire Board discussion and debate to formulate the best solutions for our students, rather than “rubber-stamping” the recommendations of the administration.

  • Comment publicly on the reasons behind each of my School Board votes.

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